Paper Rules

Paper Rules


First Author Title and Name 1
Second Author Title and Name 2
Third Author Title and Title 3

The abstracts should be written in Turkish and English in a satisfactory content by minimum 150 and maximum 500 words with Times New Roman 12 font.The title expressing the content in an understandable form should also be placed upon the summary text in both Turkish and English. Key words consisting of minimum 5 words should be just below the summary.

Keyword (s): At least five keywords will be written.

Note: The language of the congress was accepted in Russian. Those who will present a paper in Russian are required to write a summary paper in Turkish.

The presentation time is 15 minutes.


The preferable dimensions of the poster should be 100 cm height and width 120 cm and readable from 2 m distance.The following rules should be taken into account while preparing the poster.

1. 2 cm space should be left from the top, bottom, left and right sides of the paper.
2. The name and logo of Congress should be placed on the upper left corner of the poster and the name and logo of the University of the poster presenting should be the upper right corner.
3. The Poster Name will be written in 60-point Arial or Times New Roman Character and bold (consider that the name of the poster does not exceed two lines).
4. The author names will be written in 30 point Arial Character and bold.
5. Author's address will be written in 30 point Arial Character.
6. The text will be submitted in columns.
7. 2 cm gap will be left between the columns.
8. Text titles will be written in 24 point Arial Character and bold.
9. All the manuscripts in the poster will be written by using Times New Roman or Arial font styles, which are easy to read.
10. The poster should consist of abstract, introduction, method, findings, conclusions and discussion sections, as well as key words and sources, such as in the full text of the paper.Visibility enhancing shapes and photos can be used in color.
11. Poster owners will print the posters themselves.
12. Posters will hang in the panel to be determined by the organizational committee. Poster presentations are considered to be visited and evaluated by all participants in a session, at specific time intervals, such as oral presentations. The authors will give information about their work during these periods.
13. Poster presentations will be given special emphasis and encouraged in our conference.For this purpose, the will be awarded by given "Most Successful Poster Awards" for posters that are valuable in terms of scientific content and presentation especially in order to encourage young scientists . In addition, full texts of the participants who desired will be published/1} on the special numbers of the fanciful magazines mentioned on the conference web page free of charge..

Best Regards,

2ISCMR Organizing Committee